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The Ward Group has been helping clients take advantage of print avenues such as newspapers, magazines and direct mail for many, many years. Print advertising is both the oldest medium and the least sophisticated in terms of targeting, market research and analytics. We understand the level of detail and planning necessary to achieve success through print advertising formats. Not only must your creative be believable, personal and relevant, it needs to be seen by the right audience in the right publications.


As a media placement agency dedicated to being stewards for our clients, we don’t just negotiate your media buys. We lend you our expertise in the marketplace. We ensure that print is the right choice for your objectives and that the publications included in the media plan are appropriate for your target audience. With plenty of market research and a little creativity, you can locate and target your audience within a fairly tight demographic. We’ll give you informed recommendations on which publications to target, size and positioning to consider and what will be the most visually impactful for your consumers. Ready to get started? Connect with our print media experts today.



Direct Mail


As a medium, print is a physical, tangible thing consumers can hold and very intentionally consume. Many local and national brands still rely on it to connect with individuals in a meaningful way. The landscape of publications is very complex, though. You’ll need an experienced media placement agency to make sense of how publications layer in a market. There can be daily, weekly, monthly and even quarterly publication cycles to consider. Internally, the departments of magazines and newspapers can also create confusion. An attentive team of media planners and buyers handles the coordination of all the moving parts for you.


To see success through your print advertising efforts, our media stewards account for a number of things. Many publications have their own unique rules and sizing requirements for ads, and it’s important that the creative meets their specifications. You can’t always predetermine the exact placement within a publication, so you need to have an ad that will draw readers in regardless of where it falls within a newspaper or magazine. As for readers, you can target your audience based on the geographical area of distribution and by reader demographics. In some instances, you can even align your brand specifically with an article topic or editorial theme. When targeting an audience via print channels, the most important ingredient is creativity.


Utilize the expertise of a media placement agency with over thirty years of experience. We’ll help you read between the lines and understand the complexities of the print medium.

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