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Out-of-home (OOH) or outdoor media is essentially any advertising that is in a public place. Billboards, posters, transit, cinema, point of purchase - almost any surface can present an advertising opportunity. Our outdoor media buyers have been painting the town red for decades, perfecting the art of this traditional advertising technique. You may think that ads on billboards and on the sides of city buses are a thing of the past, but actually, OOH advertising has been experiencing a resurgence due to multiple factors including the convergence of new technologies. With relatively low competition in the spaces you advertise, a lower cost per thousand and a high visual impact, OOH is a great solution to drive more local traffic in urban areas.


The strength of any outdoor media placement relies on location. For this reason, there can be an inventory shortage. As media buyers, it’s our responsibility to find you the most ideal locations possible. The Ward Group considers many things when looking for the best available options for your creative message. We go to great lengths to understand how the consumer will see and interact with your ad, going out into the market and assessing the space. We will even give our recommendations on the creative execution for your ad - whether it be a digital billboard or a bus wrap - that will work best for the space and location. Is it time to get your brand out into the community? Reach out to us to find out how.




Point of Purchase (POP)


Billboards reach drivers on the road when they aren’t distracted, and there are a variety of advertising options to choose from including digital boards, bulletins, posters and even walls. By using transit, you’re able to target commuters and residents throughout a metro area via a constantly mobile ad, engaging a local, idle audience. Cinema is also a unique option, capturing the attention of a happy, captive, responsive audience already prepared to watch and be entertained. Outdoor media buyers can easily help you isolate theaters around your target locations. On the other hand, point of purchase advertising catches your audience while they’re in the mindset of making a purchase, promoting products and services for consideration at the moment that a transaction is likely to occur.


There are many more OOH options available to you. Our role as media stewards is to help you think outside the box when it comes to your media campaigns. Through market research, we can determine who lives, works and shops in a given area. By analyzing, evaluating and understanding the interests of your target audience, our planners and buyers at The Ward Group will find the best spaces to expose consumers to your brand. Having an understanding of the lifestyle of your consumers will lead to more targeted ad placements: in gyms, supermarkets, wellness centers, etc. With modern geofencing technology, we can take the engagement a step further, continuing to nurture those nearby through digital marketing.


Traditional outdoor advertising offers local and national brands alike opportunities to attract and grow their audiences. To reap the benefits of over 30 years of industry experience, reach out to our outdoor media buyers and planners today.

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